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Lesser-known facts of the Muslim past
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Place names with an Arabic origin in the Iberian Peninsula

In this map, you can see some towns/cities whose name comes from Arabic. They got their name during the Muslim rule of large parts of Iberia. For some places, it is certain that they were also founded by Muslims (you can filter on them). The map shows the places that I found. This doesn't mean that there are no other places that should be on this map. I intend to add new examples as I find them.
Clickable elements:
  • 1 Madrid
  • 2 Almancil
  • 3 Almodôvar
  • 4 Albufeira
  • 5 Almeida
  • 6 Alzira
  • 7 Guadalajara
  • 8 Medinaceli
  • 9 Alaquàs
  • 10 Alcántara
  • 11 Almansa
  • 12 Albacete
  • 13 Albarracín
  • 14 Algeciras
  • 15 Gibraltar
  • 16 Almería
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